Marcia Whitehead, You Raise Me Up

Announced By Karen Bryan Announced On Jun 11 2019

A Profound and Life-Changing Story in Word and Music 
That Just Might Change Your Life.

For most of her adult life, Marcia Whitehead had lived in a little garage apartment in Southern California and worked a modest-wage job. Like many of us, she lived paycheck to paycheck, and had more debt than savings. And, like most of us, she dreamed of an abundant life, beyond the ordinary. In her case, that meant becoming a professional singer, and for over twenty years she worked her 9 to 5 during the day and paid for coaches and teachers to train her voice on nights and weekends. A random acquaintance offered to arrange a hearing by Maestro Franco Iglesias—a world-renowned vocal instructor in New York City—whose students once included world class tenor Placido Domingo. It took a year just to arrange the audition, during which Iglesias would judge her chances at a late-blooming career. In the time that followed, it became clear that Marcia’s dream of finding an abundant life was about to come true just by following her dream…and then suddenly it was gone.   

HeartbreakThe question everyone was asking: “What happened to Marcia?

In You Raise Me Up, Marcia tells her story: 
     a story of life after loss,.
          an exploration of what it really means to say “yes” to a calling from God
               and honestly addresses the challenges of dying to self,
                    over-coming obstacles,
                         surrendering control to God,
                                  the faithfulness of God to keep His promises,
                                       new beginnings for broken souls and
                                                 the hope of finding beauty for ashes. 

Saturday, June 29, 2019      
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