Welcome to North Coast Christian Fellowship:

    A place to come home to.

    Known also as The Healing Place North Coast Christian Fellowhip, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Carlsbad has long been a place where people who have been long time church members or a long time away from the church can find a warm and safe place to come home to.  Here everyone finds a real and welcoming church family, and a genuine spirit of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.  Close to Camp Pendleton, the congregation is glad to welcome and minister to our military.
    Pastor G. Edward Bryan is not only an ordained minister of more than forty years, but he was one of the first SDA clegy to obtain a  Marriage and Family Therapy license some thirty years ago.  His rich experience in pastoral ministry, hospital chaplaincy, mission service, and psychology have given him a depth of experience in dealing with people from all beliefs and all walks of life.  Being bi-lingual and possessing an understanding of the multicultural demands in modern life makes him a valuable assest in all family and life situations.
    Under his guidance, the church has provided multiple outreach ministries to the community, not the least of which is an ongoing Grief Recovery available to the community as well as members, at zero cost.   
    Jussi M. Light inspires the youth of our church to greater commitment to Christ.  He also directs the praise music team of Fire From Heaven.

SERVICE TIMES:               WORSHIP SERVICE   11:15am
                                                Sabbath Schools:        9:45 am
FELLOWSHIP LUNCH      Second Sabbath of every month


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