Linda Kellet, Communications Secretary

North Coast Christian Fellowship in Carlsbad, would like to introduce our new Women's Ministry Director, Micki Gibbs. 

 A native Southern Californian and licensed cosmetologist, Micki loves everything about the beach.  Even her salon is like a day at the beach, awash in sunset colors and a coastal theme.  Micki is not just a "Sabbath Day Christian" as she incorporates her business into a ministry of its own.  She does not hesitate to share the gospel with anyone who comes into her salon, be it customer or street urchin looking for a meal or spare change.

 On April 25, Micki invited the women of NCCF to a fanciful island where they feasted on island favorites followed by pineapple cake, and afterward learned the secrets of "Beauty Inside and Out."

 Using Satan as a metaphor for the heat we apply to our hair approximately thirty women learned how to have healthy, curly hair without the use of chemicals, blow dryers, and curling irons.  She taught us that just as the daily use of damaging and destructive chemicals can ruin our hair, damaging and destructive things allowed into our minds can damage and sear us, and will show up in the way that we think, speak, and act.  In contrast God's word applied daily to our lives is a healing, soothing balm.  Although Micki is not accustomed to public speaking, the sheer force of her conviction in what she was teaching got her dual messages across to us.

 Micki also co-hosts our Children's Story on Sabbath mornings, and steps in to be of service anywhere and everywhere she can. Micki and ShellseaIn addition to being a successful business woman, Micki's greatest success has been as a single Christian parent.  Her 18 year old daughter Shellsea, sings with NCCF's praise team, Fire From Heaven, plays saxophone, is an honor student, and a wonderful young Christian woman.

 Micki is the most transparent woman I know.  What you see is what you get and she absolutely wears her faith on her sleeve.  Many of us who may have lost the glow of "our first love" of Christ are put to shame by her constant, fervent, intense love and enthusiasm.  Her open, guileless face and beaming smile are a wonderful welcoming sight each Sabbath morning. 



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